Uncharted Tales

This site is so under construction that it is not even funny.

He's not the first to come here. He doesn't know how he knows but he does. Some people come here often. It can be glimpsed by anybody in the right frame of mind. And it can be reached. It isn't the trap it seemed at first. Peace, calm, infinite space, a place to think. That is what this place is. Yes, a place to think.

He sees a man in the white. The man is him. Ordinary. Tall, short brown hair, wearing a white and blue stripes, collared shirt, and khaki pants. The shoes are brown.

The brown shoes are walking. Maybe he's headed to church. No, he sees the Void and he's walking into it. What is he looking for? He walks for days. He is lost but not hungry or dismayed. He loses track of time. He meets another man. The other man is him. "What are you doing?" one asks the other. "Looking," he says.


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