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This is not an official #startups page. Just a supplemental one done for fun. Bits and pieces may be added here over time. Feel free to make corrections or to copy things back to related wikis or sites.

A few links related to #startups

micrypt startups list https://twitter.com/#!/micrypt/startups-freenode
An official #startups wiki http://ircstartups.pbworks.com/

Fun or useful member pages

Member Notes Link
Cyndre swithu http://www.swithu.com/
OldCoder Artwork by #startupers http://tools3110.99k.org/general/artwork/
podman Sprout Video http://sproutvideo.com/
raz Laser Turtle http://www.laserturtle.com/

Useful general pages

Notes Link
imgur - image sharing http://imgur.com/
pastebin - paste site http://pastebin.ca/
Entrepreneur Meetup Groups http://entrepreneur.meetup.com/
Lean Domain Search http://www.leandomainsearch.com/
NameCheap - domain registrar http://www.namecheap.com/
Y Combinator - news http://ycombinator.com/

A little list of startups

Member Startups
JonnyCash PBX.me Redstamp.ca MangoIdeas.com
swombat woobius granttree

Contact info

Member Name (optional) Contact
devaholic Thomas Blobaum @tomblobaum
OldCoder n/a moc.oohay|redocdlo#moc.oohay|redocdlo http://tools.99k.org/
ziyadb Ziyad Basheer Under construction
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